Complimentary Opinion of Value

Our Broker Opinion of Value (BOV) provides today’s valuation based on the competition and all relevant sales in the marketplace. This valuation reviews the historical T12 and rent roll and provides a pro forma catering to the “highest-and-best-use-buyer” archetype, who will pay you for the value-add opportunities, lowered expenses, and maximized NOI possibility. Learn how we will create competition and demand for your property through maximizing national exposure.

The BOV will include

  • Recommended marketing strategy
  • How we create the “story”
  • Suggestions to increase the NOI
  • Curb appeal item advisory to increase marketability
  • Valuation summary and assumptions
  • Likely buyers
  • Value-add opportunities
  • Marketing strategy 
  • Rent comparables
  • Sales comparables 
  • Financial analysis and assumptions

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