3rd Party Management Done Right

Full-service residential, multifamily, commercial, and association property management in Maryland, with managers on call 24/7/365.

How are we different? 

We leverage the latest technology in property management, combined with investment data from our brokerage division to maximize your NOI.

How We Manage

Lower Expenses

On average, investors decrease expenses up to 30%

Less Time On The Market

Committed to leasing your property within 20 days.

Available 24/7

Our property managers are on-call 24/7.

Quality Tenants

We have a less than 1% eviction rate.

Service Area

Prince George’s County, Montgomery County & Howard County.

Target Client

10-150 units but will service smaller and larger clients near our other sites.



We advertise your property on all the leading property marketing websites such as Apartments.com, Zillow, Rent.com & more. We also use physical signage and follow up with every tenant lead by text, phone, and email within 24 hours to maximize conversions and reduce vacancies. 



We aim for a seamless tenant experience, from the time they inquire about your property, to scheduling tours and taking online applications, onboarding them into their tenant portal for setting up autopay and scheduling maintenance requests, and responding in a timely manner with clear communication.

Cameron’s CRE is well versed in landlord-tenant laws and will oversee rent collection and the entire eviction and process for you.  We also file judgments in the event a tenant breaks their lease.  All  recouped proceeds go to you.


From turnovers, to leaky toilets to emergency maintenance calls in the middle of the night, we handle everything maintenance.

We also provide full renovation services where we supply the materials and perform the work on time. With a typical 21-day turnaround, we can gut renovate unrenovated apartments and upgrade them with beautiful modern finishes that command the highest rent in the marketplace.


Owner receives monthly and annual financial statements such as trailing 12 month income and expense, rent roll, and delinquency reports. Owners can also log into a dedicated portal to view their properties financial performance in real time.

Our brokerage provides you with a rent comp analysis on as-is, renovated, and new rents in your marketplace followed by an expense budget with the goal of reducing your expenses based on our surrounding properties and market knowledge as much as 30% in some cases.

Frequently Asked Questions


What's included with my monthly management fee?

Rent collection, tenant management, maintenance coordination, compliance & licensing coordination, financial reporting, eviction management. For smaller properties, our fee includes a dedicated property manager without the owner paying a separate payroll. However, on larger projects, the owner is responsible for all employee costs. 

Is maintenance included with my management fee?

No, all repairs, maintenance and property related expense are passed to the owner. This is the industry standard.

Can I use my own contractors?

Yes. We are happy to oblige any request for preferred contractors as long as they are licensed and insured. Not only do we contract the best possible rates, but we manage the project and hold our contractors accountable for their work.

What are the license requirements for my property?

This varies depending on the jurisdiction, but it’s typically a rental license and Use and Occupancy permit.  Your property manager understands your rental market and will ensure your property is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws.

How do you qualify tenants?

We have a comprehensive screening process to include a full background check with rental history and employment verification. Financial requirements are a 650 credit score with proof of wages that are 2.8x the monthly rent. We do not share rental applications with owners as this is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This is also to safeguard our owners from any potential Fair Housing violations and to ensure each applicant is held to the same standard and in accordance with the law.

How do I collect my rent?

We direct deposits your payments by the 20th of each month. Also, you can access your owner portal at any time to view your property’s performance.

How do you determine a rental rate for my property?

We pull rent comparables and use local market knowledge to maximize rents while maximizing occupancy rates. And we continue to update rent comps each quarter.

What happens if my tenants don't pay rent?

We file on your tenants by the 6th of each month with hopes to either get your tenant caught up or begin eviction proceedings. Management fees are based on gross collected rent so our incentives are aligned to make sure your tenants pay on-time.

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